sustainable beach bags for summer

Well, it’s freakin’ hot here in NYC today with the temp capping out at almost 100 degrees. Due to this sizzler of a day, I was inspired to sit quietly and imagine being at the beach where I could bask in the heat but then cool off in the water. Through my imaginary waves crashing, I started day-dreaming about all the fabulous beach bags that exist and which I’d want to bring with me. You want in? Well, perfect, because I’ve put together a roundup of nine totally tubular beach bags that can accompany you (in your dreams or for realz) to the water, store all of your things and help you live a sustainable life. Enjoy.

1. Global Elements Recycled ‘Plastic Bags’ Tote, $30,; 2. Lost Property of London Tote, $126, Yooxygen; 3. Carmina Campus bag, $390, Yooxgyen; 4. Mar Y Sol Nantucket Ombre Tote, $85, Piperlime; 5. Reuse Designs Large Tote, $315, Yooxygen; 6. Amazon Life Large Fabric Bag, $130, Yooxygen; 7. Soham Dave Ajrak Bag, $130, Fashioning Change; 8. Recycled Sari Bag, £18, People Tree; 9. JADEtribe Sammi Stripe Large Beach Bag, $158, Revolve Clothing

Stay cool!


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