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A couple of weeks ago, amidst the crazy turkey day adrenaline and needless shopping sprees, Patagonia asked consumers to “buy less and to reflect before you spend a dime on this jacket or anything else.” A sustainability pioneer to say the least, Patagonia used Cyber Monday as an opportunity to raise awareness about its Common Threads Initiative. It’s a simple pledge, by Patagonia and consumers individuals, to Reduce, Repair, Reuse, Recycle. And yes, the order matters! As Annie Leonard says “Reduce. Don’t buy what we don’t need. Repair: Fix stuff that still has life in it. Reuse: Share. Then, only when you’ve exhausted those options, recycle.”

To help make these words actionable, Patagonia has partnered up with eBay to easily sell and buy used Patagonia gear. I like how eBay puts it: the greenest product is the one that already exists.

I pledged, will you? (for further inspiration check out this video)



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