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Well, everyone, it’s finally here. The thing you had no idea was coming, but that you’ll surely be happy to discover…drum roll please…Green House of Fashion and Come Look At My Chest Hair dually present Eco-Friendly Man-Chests ALL YEAR ROUND 2012!

Yes, you guessed it. This very thing is a calendar featuring chest-haired men (and one canine) wearing eco-friendly, vintage and sustainable clothing and accessories. Yes, it’s just as fabulous as you’re imagining.

There a few ways you can be a proud owner of our blood, sweat and tears turned calendar. And they are…

Download Each Image:

1. Save the below images separately. Use them as your desktop background if you wish, share them via Facebook, tweet them via twitter. They are yours (well they’re legally ours but “yours” in a figurative sense) to share and enjoy.

Download the PDF by:


2. Once you’ve clicked, go to File, then Save Page As. Feel free to rename the file as you will with something highly complimentary like, “awesomest-calendar-in-universe.pdf.” Now, its yours.

Buy a Hard Copy by clicking:


3. BUY IT. That’s right. Get this coveted (maybe, potentially, in the future) calendar for you and your whole family! OMG, the holidays are right around the corner. What a perfect gift this would be for Mom and Dad, Sister and Brother or even that chest-hair obsessed boyfriend/girlfriend or quirky buddy. It’ll be printed on 100% recycled paper!

We’re also donating 20% of all proceeds to the World Wildlife Fund, so, while you’ll be doing yourself a solid, you’ll also be doing the world a solid by making this purchase.

Without further ado – HERE IT IS:


You like? I darn-tootin’ hope so, cuz that wasn’t easy to make! Check out King Chest Hair’s report on the matter. It’s much funnier than this one.


Lots of Hairy Love,


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3 Responses to GHoF & CLAMCH present Eco-Friendly Man-Chests ALL YEAR ROUND for 2012

  1. ks says:

    Etsy is only letting me buy one calendar and I wanted to buy hundreds.

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