From totally affordable to mucho moneyz, designer to artisan, organic to socially responsible, here are 5 things I discovered this week that I’m  IN LOVE WITH.

Eco-Friendly Fashion Picks 5

1. Nos Da Throw, £189, Donna Wilson; 2. Nicole Messenger Bag, $190, JADEtribe; 3. Seacliff Coat, $180, Curator; 4. Vintage Smokey The Bear Mug, $18, Golden Days Antiques; 5. Badger Cushion, £70, Donna Wilson


Happy Weekend!


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One Response to Fav Five Eco-Roundup: Badgers, Bears and More

  1. [...] my personal favorite line – seriously, I love every single one and even featured a messenger in this weekly roundup – is made in Laos by female artisans who are masters at their craft. Kimberly traveled to their [...]

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